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Connor McGregor
(2016-12-23, 11:54 PM)CTS Wrote: Dana saying that Connor will likely defend against Khabib his next fight, possibly in Russia.

So all the haters can stop complaining about how Connor is 'holding up everything'

So just to be clear. Dana announcing Connor might fight Khabib in like 8-12 months some how negates that fact that he held the FW title for a year without taking a single FW fight AND jumped the entire queue in LW to win the belt and then immediately announce he wasn't going to fight again for nearly a year?

interesting logic there.

Quote:He's making history,  he's the most active fighter, he's the BEST fighter & unlike everyone else, he'll move up in weight & fight anyone.   How do you bemoan that?

Because basically none of that is actually true. That is why people bemoan it.  

The UFC let him keep the FW belt and not defend it and then gifted him a total unwarranted title shot at LW as a PR move and nothing more. They wanted him to win both belts as a marketing gimmick. And the consequences has been that arguably the two most interesting divisions in the UFC basically don't have a champ and are now a huge mess.
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It's not true? Huh?   Name someone else who has held 2 titles at the same time?   Name someone else with the balls to move up weight classes?

Waldo would hold up the division for extended periods every single fight. As would Cain. Noone is interested in seeing Connor beat his ass again except the Connor haters.

Connor is the best fighter in the game.  Period.   Noone does what he does.  The 3 PPV he headlined in 2016 out drew every single PPV combined! The hype IS real & warranted.

Gawd forbid he wants a few months off after having the biggest year on UFC history. He's gonna take 6 - 8 months off! So what? That's the par for every other current & former champ. Connor deserves a break before coming back to take the WW title!
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maybe its just craziness to think so, but instead of moving up weight classes, and trying to take more belts, maybe you should, you know, defend the belt you already have.

instead of, as previously mentioned, leaving the other divisions stuck with their title being undefended for long periods of time (and naming "interim" holders is ridiculous)
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How is he holding up the LW division? Half a year is relatively normal between fights now a days. The plan was always to win both belts. Everybody knew that.

People complain how there's no stars left. GSP retired, Silva shot, JBJ legal problems. Why wouldn't GSP ever take the Silva fight? Why would Silva take the JBJ fight? Why won't Rousey fight Cyborg? They're all scared. Connor fears noone. We're witnessing greatness! I wanna see great fighters do great things.
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(2016-12-26, 01:58 PM)CTS Wrote: How is he holding up the LW division? 


A) He jumped ahead of everyone else that should have gotten a title shot (Khabib, Ferguson, Dos Anjos) so instead of the natural progression of deserving contenders everyone else had to take a back seat and is now in limbo.

B) He has given absolutely no timeline for when he plans to fight again and defend the LW title.

C) He has said since winning the belt that he does not even want to defend the belt. he only cares about money.

Quote:Connor fears noone.

That is an interesting way to describe a guy who only plays with house money. Honestly, Connor only fights when he has everything to gain and nothing to lose.

-If he loses to Aldo he doesnt lose anything. Aldo is a legend and was the champ. If he wins though he is "They guy who beat Aldo" and the champ
-If he loses to Diaz he doesnt lose anything, he is fighting way above his weight. If he wins though he is the "fight anyone, anytime" guy
-If he loses to RDA or Alvarez he loses nothing for same reason as Diaz. If he wins though he is a two division champ.

Seriously, when was the last time Connor went into a fight with something to lose?
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Haters gonna hate I guess.  Look, I used to hate Connor as much as you guys do, but I've come around.   He's made me a believer.

1st it was 'Connor will never beat a wrestler'. Destroyed Mendes.

'Connor will never beat Aldo'  1 punched KO'd him

'Connor will NEVER beat Alvarez'   he beat the living shit out of Alvarez!   Diaz did sub him, so there is the 1 blemish on his record.  Admit it though,  you can't wait for his next fight.

He has nothing to lose? He moved up in weight class & fought the champ!!! He took a much bigger challenge & he conquered. Yet you still deny what he's done? He ups the anti each time.

How can you deny what he's doing?    Of course he cares about $, he's a prize fighter, they all are.   I'm not putting anything by him at this point. He's the best thing to ever happen to the sport! McGregor is not just 'hype' anymore. I don't even know how to respond to anyone saying that anymore. The hype is real
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Can only speak for myself, but I certainly don't hate the guy. In fact I rather like watching him fight. I think he is a very smart fighter and I can always get behind that.

However, it's getting to a point now where they're trying too hard with all the "promo" stuff, trying to outdo the last press conference, more over the top and obnoxious and it's getting tired and old. I get why they're doing it as it's brought in a ton of casual fans, but I personally don't need that stuff to garner my interest. And although he's never been all hype (he's a very talented fighter), it is an unprecedented level of hype (well, Rousey's hype is/was right up there too).

Not sure where you're getting the narratives from above, but I don't recall anybody saying things like "he will never beat so and so". They always acknowledged the challenges that Connor brings to the table and he was never a huge underdog or anything.

As for moving up in weight - a pretty solid argument can be made that 155 is his natural weight anyways. And what Andrew means by nothing to lose and playing with house money is that if he did end up losing to Alvarez (or a Diaz), he's got that built in "excuse" that he was out of his weight class. Quite frankly, putting it on the line would have been giving Aldo a rematch for the 145 belt. He had a lot to lose there and he avoided it.

Anyways, you're right about one thing, I can't wait for his next fight, but it has nothing to do with "hype". Matchups, title defences, and seeing how these guys deal with the unique challenges x fighter brings to the cage is what interests me the most.

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(2016-12-30, 12:56 PM)Superlube11 Wrote: Anyways, you're right about one thing, I can't wait for his next fight, but it has nothing to do with "hype". Matchups, title defences, and seeing how these guys deal with the unique challenges x fighter brings to the cage is what interests me the most.


Connor is a good fighter (who also happens to have the belt) and I want to watch good fighters have meaningful fights. Throwing him into these made up circus fights with no real implications actually makes him less interesting to me.  I'm far more interested in an Aldo rematch than I ever was in Diaz or Alvarez or even RDA.
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This is gonna over good!  Cody Garbrandt also doesn't want to dedend his belt next.  Instead he's looking for 'money' fights & is eying either Aldo or McGregor next.

He wants no part of McGregor.  The size & reach difference would be too much.   Aldo would be a good fight IF Aldo actually shows up, which is 50 - 50.

Poor Dillashaw.   This circus of fighters looking for matchups outside their divisions is good & bad & will continue with new owners looking for a return on their $4.2 billion investment.

I wanns see DC & Jon Jones move up & wreck some heavyweights!
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