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Dwyane Wade signed with the Bulls(edit)
(2016-07-07, 09:10 AM)Stevie_Y Wrote: Is Rondo gonna play behind Calderon? Still not sure why Wade chose Chi other than it's home... does he think they are gonna win a championship soon?

Actually, it`s being reported that Calderon has been traded to the LAL. 

Yeah, the only real fit with Wade being in Chicago is the fact it`s where he`s from. From a basketball point of view, it seems like a very strange decision because Butler is more of a SG, and now he`s going to be pushed to SF. If everyone gels, I could see Chicago being in contention at the top of the East. It`s not long ago Rondo was arguably the best PG in the NBA, and Butler is one of the best SGs in the NBA too, and now add Wade and it could get interesting.

For what it`s worth, I would have loved to see Wade in New York.
"Larry Bird isn't white, he's clear" - Bill Murray
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Isn't this Wade's highest offer?

Seems pretty obvious he went for the most money.

He has 3 rings, I don't think he really needs to chase the championship in expense of taking paycuts (which he did pretty much all of his time in Miami).
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Wade's always been pretty vocal in regards to his compensation. I believe he got in trouble during the lockout a few years back for saying he thinks the star players deserve more money and the role players deserve less because it's the star players who put fans in the seats. I wouldn't be surprised if he just chased the money, and that's totally within his right - especially if it means going home.
"Larry Bird isn't white, he's clear" - Bill Murray
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