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Funny Political Videos or Cartoons.
From the Andrew Klavin Show
Witches are gathering across America to put a curse on Donald Trump; I am not making this up.  The Witches are organizing through social media to summon demons of the infernal realms to ensure the president will quote “Fail Utterly” the rituals include burning a picture of Trump and visualizing the president blowing apart into dust or ash”. 
On one midnight gathering on a lonely moonlit hill, 3 hideous old crones were recently seen dancing around a steaming cauldron throwing ingredients into the brew.  The chief witch an unbearably ugly hag was heard chanting quote:
“Double trouble
Our party’s in rubble
We’ve been living in a bubble
Eye of Newt and nose of Ryan
Heat of Putin how’s been spyin’
McConnell’s waddle,
Bannon’s rump
How the hell did I lose to Donald Trump ”
The international association of witches refused to release the chief witches name though she was heard unleashing a ear-splitting cackle before flying through the trees in her magic pantsuit.
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(2017-02-11, 09:47 AM)Limestoner Wrote: I'm sure you're correct. D'oh!

Sounds like it was actual coverage.
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A giraffe has no vocal cords. He has nothing to say, he just keeps on giraffing. 
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