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Horvat to the All-Star Game
I'm not sure that this comes as a surprise, but I'd still call it pleasant:
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I said it several years ago that Bo's ceiling is #1C.

This guy works so hard to get better in in every aspect of his game. He reminds me of the Sedins who worked extremely hard to better themselves. Bo is naturally bigger and he has the advantages of genetics in his favor but let's all appreciate the amazing determination he has to get better.

Bo Horvat and Ryan Johansen have the same number of points going into this game.

I can bump threads when posters here wanted to trade Horvat + 1st round picks for R.J. but I won't.

Bo Horvat is #24 in the league in generating primary points, that's goals and the primary assist. So much for those who said that Bo can't be a play maker. I am looking at you Marsh on the latter when you asked that question earlier this season. Wink

Still, we should have gotten more for Cory Schneider. It should have been Horvat plus because of how highly regarded Schneider was. The entire hockey world was shocked that we only got 1 single first rounder for an elite goalie that was on the rise.

Gillis was a horrible drafter and a horrible trader. No wonder he's still unemployed.
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Congrats Horvat;

Best 3rd line center to make the show.   Wink
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(2017-01-10, 06:52 PM)trapper Wrote: Congrats Horvat;

Best 3rd line center to make the show.   Wink

Willie knows. 

Horvat is 3rd in ice time on the Canucks at the Centre Ice Position.
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Why play your best forward a lot ? Willie knows what he's doing. After all he did start Horvat on the 4th line to start the season. Don't make me bump that thread.
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well deserved by the Horvatian one.
Mostly Harmless
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