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Montreal's Lance Stroll to race with Williams F1 team next year
A new teenager in F1: Lance Stroll Williams announcement due in early November

[Image: Screen-Shot-2016-10-17-at-17.24.48.png]
Posted By: James Allen  |  17 Oct 2016   |  5:35 pm GMT  |  0 comments

Lance Stroll will turn 18 at the end of this month and a few days later he will be announced as a Williams F1 race driver, replacing Felipe Massa, according to French Canadian media reports today.

The teenager has already clinched the FIA European F3 championship and has been running a parallel test programme with Williams in a 2014 specification Williams-Mercedes hybrid turbo. The rules allow teams to run two year-old cars as much as they want and Stroll has more test days planned between now and the end of 2016.

“Lance will be racing in F1 next year, you can write that in black and white,” Stroll’s father Lawrence told the Journal de Montreal at the weekend during the F3 round at Hockenheim. The paper added that the proposed announcement date is November 3 in London.

[Image: Screen-Shot-2016-10-17-at-17.25.53.png]

“Lance is realising his dream,” his father added. “His success in F3 is a great effort. But what I am most proud of is the way he has reached such a level.

“You’ve no idea how hard he has worked since he started racing. His rigour and determination are what’s made him an F3 champion. That’s no small achievement. The road has been long and tough at times, but this is a heart payback. Now he’s waiting for his ultimate objective which is F1. I’m sure he will be successful there.

“It’s a huge challenge which he’s been preparing for a long time.”

It's going to be cool to have another Canadian race in Formula 1.  He'll be driving for the same team that Jacques Villeneuve drove for when he won the Championship in '97.
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This is pretty cool. Have never heard of him. Looked him up and come away with this

14 wins in 30 races so far this season at the Formula 3 level as a 17 year old seems pretty good. The guy who won the championship last year had 13 wins in 33 races, as a 23 year old.

Actually was trailing his teammate in the championship race by 5 points after the first 8 races this season, but hasn't looked back since.

Ran the full season last year too, won a race as a 16 year old, and seemed to turn a corner late in 2015, with all 6 of his podiums coming in a 9 race stretch near the end of the year to finish 5th in points. Finished 3rd in rookie of the year, youngest of Top 3. Was Rookie of the race 10 of the last 15 races, after not winning it at all the first 18 races.
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Hopefully Williams can give him a decent car to drive. They don't seem to be progressing as well as the other top teams. They seem to have stalled while the others have kept improving.

Quote:He'll be driving for the same team that Jacques Villeneuve drove for when he won the Championship in '97.

JV winning the F1 championship is horribly under appreciated in Canada. It's really a shame.  It is seriously one of the most impressive feats in Canadian sports history. I would put it up there with Donovan Bailey winning the 100m gold.

 In most other parts of the world he would be a national hero.
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Apparently he's bringing a bunch of money with him. I don't know if that is through sponsors or his dad (who is a billionaire). Hopefully the team puts it to good use.
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Yeah, his dad was actually rumoured to be buying Sauber a couple years ago but it fell apart.

Makes me a nervous that he is a bit of a pay driver. But it does seem like he can drive as well. As a long time Williams fan it would be cool to see them back at the top. If a Canadian is driving for them then all the better. I
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It's official now.
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Pay as you go is the way things happen in F1. There is another Canadian on his way up the ladder, Nicholas Latifi, he is a few years older, but is also going to be a good one.
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Hasn't been a great start for Stroll.  Has had trouble keeping the car on the track during testing.

Looking at the testing times F1 is certainly going to be faster this year. The best testing times were almost 4 seconds faster than the pole position time from last year at the same track.  Hamilton took pole with a 1:22 dead last year. 12 guys (including Sauber!) were under that in testing.
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Just a heads up, W5 will have a feature on him Saturday night.
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