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NFL offseason: Ten (actually interesting!) subplots
(2017-04-23, 01:10 PM)Cornholio Wrote:
Quote:The 2017 season will see one city host concurrent NFL games for the first time in over three decades. Not only that, but it will be in Los Angeles – the same city that had no NFL presence until last year.
Three Sundays, including the final week of the season, will feature the Rams and Chargers playing early afternoon games at the same time – in a city that’s already known for its consistently heavy traffic.
Wk 2: Washington at Rams | Dolphins at Chargers | 1:05pm PT
Wk 14: Eagles at Rams | Washington at Chargers | 1:05pm PT
Wk 17: 49ers at Rams | Raiders at Chargers | 1:25pm PT

Rams and Chargers simultaneous home games already causing traffic concerns

I'm guessing Rams Raiders games were the last time simultaneous home games in the same city occurred?

That's the only logical choice. Old Giants Stadium was in Jersey at the Meadowlands and the Jets played at Shea in N.Y. so it couldn't have been those two teams because they didn't technically play in the same city.
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Yeah, the "first time in three decades" threw me.
Both the Rams and Raiders were in LA in 1994 ~ 23 years ago.

Got it. A little slow today. Some time between '82 and '94 when both the Rams and Raiders played in LA, they stopped scheduling two home games at the same time. 1986 -ish
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