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Short track racing
[Image: LtC4YY]

I have a couple of passions that I practice on a few weekends during the summer.

1 is Photography, I have acquired a few lenses and use a Canon Rebel DSLR.

2 is I truly love the weekend racers that beat the tracks around North America.

The picture I included is a pic of my buddies son sliding through turn 1 and 2 at Castrol Raceway Edmonton this past summer.

I will share more of my pics with you all, hoping that others will as well.
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Okay. Can someone please tell me how to post pictures????

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[/url][url=][Image: 29192280612_bff04ee858_z.jpg]IMG_5296 by Rusty Pothier, on Flickr

Trying to re-post the picture.
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After All, Life Goes On
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[Image: 29266371516_cdf9ec5c0c.jpg]IMG_5411 by Rusty Pothier, on Flickr

Skylar Gee at Castrol, his father ran the top Sprint Car circuit in the 80's, World of Outlaws, this kid is only 16 and already he is running with the big guns.
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Modified action from Edmonton International Raceway in Wetskiwin.

[Image: 29502321092_a82c4a87f5.jpg]IMG_6257 by Rusty Pothier, on Flickr
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Believe it or not but this is the 2nd place finisher!!!

[Image: 29356083780_e05328a0d4.jpg]IMG_6230 by Rusty Pothier, on Flickr
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And here is your 3rd place finisher!!!

[Image: 29020426454_d56d1fb1e0.jpg]IMG_6222 by Rusty Pothier, on Flickr
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Rush hour traffic..............

[Image: 28492562482_5a62bf4500.jpg]IMG_4778 by Rusty Pothier, on Flickr
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Short track racing is the best.

Local track here is Varney (Full Throttle now). Fastest 1/4 mile banked asphalt track in the country. Cousin of mine won the championship 5 years ago or so in the tracks fastest class.

Until 2016, I'd only ever gone to short tracks on the NASCAR circuit. Went to Michigan, but before that I'd been to Martinsville 4 times, Richmond twice, Dover twice, and Bristol once.
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Chilli Bowl on tonight by the way. Dylan Westbrook from Scotland, ON is one to watch.

367 entries, and he's in the Top 60 or so, with an opportunity to climb. Not bad for a 17 year old.
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I grew up in Ontario and my weekends in the summer consisted of Friday night at Cayuga, and Saturday night at Flamboro.

Seen some epic racing back in the late 70's.

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Nice. I've been to Cayuga once about 15 years ago when Tony Stewart was there.

I've gone to Ohsweken probably 10-12 times over the years as well, those Outlaws fly there.

Never made it to Flamboro, maybe someday.
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