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The Stockton Heat
(2016-12-09, 12:00 PM)Nanuuk Wrote: Anybody else notice that the Flames picked up a young RD, Kayle Doetzel 6'3" 205 lbs. after he was released in camp by the Oilers? This Rosetown, Saskatchewan (hmmm, where I have heard that before) boy has played in 16 games with the Heat with zero goals and assists, but a steady plus 5.

Kayle spent his career in Red Deer as a Rebel. He's a brick shithouse to say the least. Quietly responsible defensively and a real mean streak when provoked. His biggest drawback was said mean streak. He's almost like Iggy was, needs a little motivation to bring out the beast. There's definitely something to be said about poking the bear. I got to talk to him a couple times during the Memorial Cup run last year, very nice farm kid, almost nice to a fault. However seeing his numbers on the Heat, the steady D is there and that mean streak has reared it's head a few times. Good to see, he's one of my favourites.
Hold my beer and watch this!
Thanks given by: FlameFilosi4 , Nanuuk , Bully

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