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105th Grey Cup Calgary vs Toronto Nov 26th
Reminded me of the last Grey Cup in Ottawa in 2004.

An average Argos team led by an aging QB beats the Western powerhouse and overwhelming favourite. Dickenson was playing QB for BC. Although this year's game was a lot closer and more entertaining. Better half time show too... even though we got the Hip in 2004.

The other difference was weather. I think it was -20 with no snow in 2004. At least I remember it feeling like that.
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I was at 2004 too, I believe it was warmer, but raining, so felt colder after being drenched.

But I’ve killed a lot of brain cells since 2004 so I could also be totally wrong.
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That turned out to be a heck of a finish to this year's Grey Cup!! Looked like it would be all Stampeders for the most part, they led for all but final minute, & those 2 turnovers made all the difference...especially Kamar Jorden's fumble with the Stamps about to score & likely put the game out of reach, then Cassius Vaughn's fumble recovery for a 109-yard TD!! The play of the game IMHO due to its signifigance in the game's outcome; instead of the Stamps salting the game away & prepping for the postgame Grey Cup celebration, it becomes a tie game & eventually the Argos go on to win. Of course...the Stamps still have one last gasp...although they could've easily kicked the FG & likely send the game into overtime. Then Calgary channels their inner 2014 Seattle Seahawks & Bo-Levi Mitchell lofts it up in the air & into the endzone...where he gets picked off to ultimately seal the win for the Argos. What an exciting finish to a Grey Cup that could've turned out to be a Stamps rout but instead the Argos pull off a dramatic win in the late stages...couldn't have asked for a better finish myself. Grin

Ricky Ray earns his 4th Grey Cup as a starting QB, & coach Marc Trestman makes a triumphant return to the CFL after a forgettable stint with the Chicago Bears in the NFL.

Congratulations to the 2017 Grey Cup Champs the Toronto Argonauts!!!

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(2017-11-26, 02:45 PM)JohnBellyful Wrote: Preferred outcome: Toronto 27 Calgary 24 (last-minute win, good for the Eastern Conference, football in Toronto -- hey, we can hope)
Likely outcome: Calgary 31 Toronto 19 (surely they can beat the East this season)
Highly unlikely outcome: Hamilton 28 Calgary 21 (Ticat fans hold fast to their dreams)

Nailed It!! Grin  Grin
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Encouraging news for the league
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