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A Boston Bromide - Game #57
Ran into the buzz saw that is the Boston Bruins last night . Johnny had a couple passengers on his line again . Second line was not great and forget about the bottom six . Can’t blame Rittich for this one either . Depth is an issue for sure but when we come up short as far as playoffs go you can look at the non exisitint powerplay as the main reason . I’ve never seen one as Inept  as this one . 
      I think Tre might even have to think about a coaching change . Gully has taken this group as far as he can . Need an experienced coach who can motivate and push this group to the next level . Not prepared to leave it all on the ice often enough . Too many nights they play twenty good minutes . I don’t think it’s a skill issue as much as it’s a mental issue . So dam hard to lose the loser mentality from being one for so dam long .
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The power play issue is more than the players. The Flames play on the outside. All night long. Todays's PK's (except Edmonton) play that box quite well and collapse the shooting lanes. This takes away point shots. While we seem to like to have someone park his butt right in front of the goalie, we never seem to have anyone 10 feet out in the high slot. That is one way to get inside the box.

Whatever the solution is, the Flames have to find it or they're not going anywhere.
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The 3M line got burnt pretty bad

I thought Hathaway had his best game in awhile.  He threw 9 hits and was trying to make things happen. 

Matt Stajan had a very effective 1st period and then vanished for the other 2.

Just think, if the PP could make the shift from completely useless to sorta marginal.., Johnny could be leading the league in scoring.
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Yup, going to pile on the special teams even more here:
Up 2-1 and Gio gets Pasternyk to take a stupid, undisciplined penalty late in the period. This is where good teams are able to make their opponent pay. Coming out 3-1 to start the second is completely different game than 2-1.
Chara takes a penalty in the second, not only do we not get a shot... they score within 30 seconds of it ending.
Schaller takes out Rittich and his penalty carries over into the third. Shortly after he gets out Boston is able to score a ppg the other way.

Opposing teams build momentum watching our shit pp.

If I am the coach I am also giving my players the green light to get a little greasy. Who cares if we take a penalty, it's not like they are going to score on it and we come out better on the other side anyways.
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The boys on the radio this morning said when we get a powerplay we should imediately take a penalty and take our chances 4 on 4 !  Silly
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The first 2 goals were very similar. Brodie and Backlund let Nash in behind them. Those 2 brain farts cost us.
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And the 3rd & 4th goals by Bergeron were both shortly after the the failed to do anything..., shifting any momentum not already in the Bruins favour to them
"What's the first thing a lion does after he wakes up?" Badger Bob Johnson
"He licks his balls" Kent Nilsson
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Try that out for a period one 2?
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