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Agent: Marner won't sign extension in-season
(Yesterday, 08:07 AM)CuttingEdge Wrote:
(Yesterday, 06:07 AM)LordFerg13 Wrote: You can add this to his resume

Marner is 1st Leaf ever to begin csreer with 3 straight 60 point season.

Damn this boy has silence those critics when he was drafter. So glad Leafs picked him.

Are there ppl out there who still would have picked Hanifin over 16MM

Not me. It was always a no brainer he was going to be a better pick than Hanifin, or Strome for that matter. Thank God Strome was taken ahead of us because I am not sure where Hunter was between Strome and Marner.
I remember the uproar in here when the Leafs selected Magic Man over Hanifin. Both Srome and Hanifin have been traded already in their careers. Man I dont think Canes would have traded Marner if Leafs had of selected Hanifin. I shutter to think Canes with The Magic Man,
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