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Airing of Grievances - Tirades, Rants and General Displeasure Therapy Thread
I’m not going to get in a pissing match with you because you are basing your opinion on emotion and from experience, you can’t have a logical discussion with people that have already made up their minds.

But - if you honestly think that Katz pushing to build an arena and district so that the Org can draw as much hockey and none hockey related revenue as possible to compete with the big markets in expenditures isn’t a commitment to the city and winning. If you think that Katz bringing in Wayne and his international and league influence as a partner isn’t a commitment to improvement. If you think that putting Lowe on the back seat, letting MacT Go, spending top dollar on the best available exec in Bob N, paying top dollar on the best available coach and GM available at the time isn’t a commitment. If you think that paying locking up two players for more then 150m in cash isn’t a commitment. That you think that paying exec, management and coaching contracts in excess of 20+ million in exit packages due to firings since he’s bought the team isn’t a commitment to winning then there is no point.

Yes, the results have not been there, no question but that you honestly believe that he hasn’t been one of the most committed owners and one of the most valued owners in the league because things beyond his direct control haven’t worked out then I would simply chalk that up to an emotional response not founded in any sort of reason whatsoever.

And when changes are made yet again, and Katz absorbs more exit package salary and they go hunting for the next wave of high prices best available management and coaching positions, continues to spend to an ever rising cap , continues to invest in the city and team I imagine you will still say he is a terrible owner and I’ll continue to say you have absolutely no clue.

Cheers to you and your commitment to disparaging one of the best owners in the league.

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(2018-02-17, 11:34 AM)CTS Wrote: An argument could actually be made that Tambellini was the Oil's most successful GM the last 10 years.   

No, that argument can't be made at all. This is just you throwing shit against the wall and seeing nothing stick.
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