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As Presently Constructed, Can They Contend For Cup?
So let’s look at my above question under the assumption Marner gets signed—-as I expect he will.

Dubas has remodeled the team this summer with some bodies out and some in—-changed the D.

Let’s pretend there are no other significant moves.

This is a hockey team I like the look of with great speed and skill.

But it’s not me you need to impress; it’s the rest of the league you need to overcome in playoffs.

St Louis won the Cup using a high degree of physicality, so did Washington the year before.

Considering the NHL rulebook is thin enough in regular season, drastically thinner in the playoffs, and perhaps non existent in the finals,,,,,,......

Is the team that I like the look of built to win “the war of attrition” that is the Stanley Cup Playoffs?
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