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Austin Fined, Sent To Think About What He's Done
So the CFL commish has fined Hamilton's Kent Austin 10 G's for slapping the hand of an official in Regina last weekend, and told him he can't be on the sidelines this week.

I agree with the fine, but I think he should have been fully suspended one game for the contact.

What the league is saying by this is that Duron Carter's nudge on a coach is suspension-worthy, but a coach's contact with an official isn't worth a suspension.

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well, he is sorta suspended but at the same time no.

I don't know exactly what to think.
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His contact with the official was accidental.  He was reacting to a call that has hardly been called in league history.  The ref did not throw the flag until the Rough rider defense starting yelling "he moved the ball"  The league has admitted that it was a poor call.  Carter's contact with coach was not accidental.
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