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Babcock is wasting Auston Matthews' skills
Simmons as usual always comes off like a obnoxious prix but at the same time it is time for some in the media to start questioning some of Babs decisions.  He really gets a free pass.  If this were Wilson or Carlyle making these moves they would be getting bombarded by everyone.  A lot of his decisions this year have just been baffling whether its trying to get the young skilled talent to play a dump and chase game that they're not suited to, playing Komarov 20 minutes a night on the PP and on 3 on 3, not using Matthews on the #1 powerplay unit etc.  Not saying Babs should be fired but the whole he's the best coach in the league we as fans can't question his decisions thing that I read from some is a little much.

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lol. Wow media out in full force to force the hand of the Leafs to trade AM34. ESPN I believe did an article on why the leafs should trade AM34

1 - -To sace cap space to grab that top d-man they need

I stopped reading after the first reason..
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I've been one of the people in here who has criticized Babs before. I watched him quite a bit in Detroit and he likes who he likes, always has. He's still one of the best in the league but like every coach he has his faults, I'm not one to overlook them. Doesn't mean he needs to go. It's a discussion forum, we're here to discuss.

It's just frustrating as a fan to watch him not make moves that seem like no-brainers. Like playing the crap out of your best player or giving a guy like Leivo an extended look.
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