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Baseball Website Reference Guide
This is an attempt to list all baseball websites devoted to statistics and player information. Feel free to suggest additions or ask questions below.


Fangraphs Leaderboards

Customizable, advanced stats leaders for players and teams. When logged in, you can save custom reports. Leaderboards can also be exported to CSV format.
* EX. Use filters to find out what second baseman over 30 years old led the American League in wRC+ between 1992-1996. (answer: Lou Whitaker, 131 wRC+)

Baseball-Reference Play Index
(free version is fully operational but offers limited results)

A comprehensive research tool that queries the B-R database to display player, team, matchup, streak, event and play-by-play data according to custom criteria. Advanced filters and sortable results dating back to 1871 (or 1913 for individual game data).
* EX. Between 1930-39 there was only one first baseman who hit 2 or more HR and 2 or more doubles in a game.

Baseball Savant

StatCast and PITCHf/x data with rankings, filters and tools since the technology debuted in 2015. Includes player matchups, spray charts and an instant replay database.

Brooks Baseball

PITCHf/x data for every MLB player. Zone profile, spray charts, pitch usage and outcomes, velocity and movement presented in tables, charts and graphs.
* EX. What percentage of curveballs thrown by James Shields in May 2016 got swings and misses from right handed hitters? Answer: 25% from a sample size of 40.

PITCHf/x Leaderboards (Baseball Prospectus)

Advanced pitch and batted ball data since 2007. Information can be filtered and sorted by individual metrics.

Baseball Musings Day-by-Day Database

One of the very few websites that serves player statistics by custom date range. Filter using minimum requirements and sortable by standard metrics.
* EX. What player with a minimum of 150 plate appearances leads MLB in Slugging Percentage between May 1st 2016 and August 19th 2016? Answer: Sandy Leon with a .652 SLG. No, really, it's Sandy Leon.

The Baseball Cube

Historical player information including minor league and college statistics.

MLB Advanced Media Raw Game Data

Raw data for game-by-game events presented in XML format.

Baseball Prospectus Catcher Metrics

Advanced framing, blocking and throwing metrics since 1988.

ESPN Home Run Tracker

Distance, angle and speed data for every home run since 2006. Sortable by team and ballpark.

Statistics, rankings and game information for minor league affiliates of all 30 MLB teams.

Cluster Luck Rankings

This hit clustering formula measures a team's luck on both sides of the ball.

Run Expectancy Matrix

Runs scored information depending on base and out state. Research is based on Retrosheet data from 1950-2015.

WAR Calculators

Interactive tool for calculating Wins Above Replacement for position players and pitchers.

Articles, Analysis & Forums

Baseball America

The premier resource for prospect scouting reports; college, high school and international players; minor league ball; the draft. Their biannual Top 100 Prospect Rankings are relied on as an industry standard.

The Hardball Times

Baseball commentary, analysis and research, founded in 2004 by Aaron Gleeman and Matthew Namee (Bill James’ research assistant at the time).

Bill James Online

One of the key contributors and founders of the sabermetric revolution, Bill James and colleagues post thoughts and research on a regular basis. Subscription-based but free content also available.

Baseball Fever

A long standing discussion forum about everything baseball. A must-read for in depth analysis, historical conversations and research, and overall very intelligent discussion.

Rosters, Payrolls & Contracts

Cot's Baseball Contracts (Baseball Prospectus)

Major League contracts, bonuses, service time and franchise values.

RosterResource Team Depth Charts

Comprehensive roster information including depth charts, minor league players and prospect rankings by team.


MLB player contracts, salaries, transactions and valuations. Team payrolls and upcoming season's free agents.

Tommy John Surgery Database

This list compiled by Jon Roegele includes player, surgeon and recovery information.
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Thanks Shady for posting. I will check those sites out.

I would love to see this for the NHL with shot speed, location, do a search of stats by age, location on the ice for the release of shots fired by the player, where a shot was blocked on the ice, where a goalie let's the goals in and the location of shots released on the ice which lead to those goals for individual goalies.

If there is already a site like that I would appreciate it if someone could direct me to it.
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#3 has things like NHL shot heatmaps which are pretty useful.

It also has a number of MLB stat categories:
Thanks given by: topgun
*cough* baseball america *cough*
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Heh, yeah, the obvious omission. I was going to expand the post to include a section for scouting reports, prospect rankings, forums and blogs. When I have time I'll make some more additions.
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