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Best ever BC born hockey player of all time?
(2017-11-14, 05:16 AM)shoes Wrote: The most classless "great player from BC" is Recchi, by far......his antics after Chara darn near killed Pacioretti and after the Bruins won the cup with his disparaging of the Sedins were both completely out of line.      In his defense he is a Doctor, specifically a gynocologist and possibly was overworked treating the Bruins team.. Laugh

In his other defense Recchi has been around long enough to know that yes they were being given some "breaks" by the league and that likely caused his out of character lash outs.      Embarrassed a bit that they needed help.

  Agree Recchi is a jerk with a big mouth. Geoff Courtnall was bigger, faster, and tougher.  Gus Adams aka Mister Clutch. I take em both ahead of Recchi. Recchi looks like he is ballooned to about 240 and he played at 185.. my size, just 5-10 and a touch. Good winger, though.. could make plays off the walls

 I guess nobody here liked Peter McNab. . . but those guys are not in the top five all time BC
Phill 2:10-11 
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