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Blue Jays 2016/17 offseason roster thread
Latos has been told he isn't making the team, and has to decide whether to accept being assigned to triple A, or become a FA.

"Depth" may take a bit of a hit if he does leave....though, if nay not be a bad he hasn't done that we'll anyway.
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(2017-03-26, 03:47 PM)Limestoner Wrote:
(2017-03-26, 01:41 PM)CaperLeaf Wrote:
(2017-03-25, 09:16 PM)Chris D Wrote: I haven't looked at a schedule, where does the rotation fall for the home opener?

According to Buck in today's broadcast the official lineup for starting pitchers will be announced on Monday. In the opening 4 game series they were speculating Estrad gets game one, Sanchez, gets game 3 with Estrada game 4 and Happ gets the home opener in Toronto. Did not catch who gets game 2 sorry!

No offense Caper, but what the heck does this even mean?

Quoting Buck as close as I could as to what he said. Oh, no offence taken my good man. All in reference to the four game set with the O's then home opener in Toronto.
No Place to Run, No Place to Hide!!
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If all goes according to plan, J.A. Happ will start the home opener April 11th vs the Brewers.
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Bautista and Travis are not travelling to Montreal. Bautista is going to his brothers wedding, and they are protecting Travis from the Big O's turf.

Also sounds like Bo Schultz is headed for elbow surgery.
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Devon Travis is sneaky old. I thought he was still 23-24ish. He actually turned 26 back in Feb.

Not that 26 is old per se but the fact that he has only managed 670 PA's by age 26 is obviously concerning.
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