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Blue Jays Offseason Discussion
(2018-01-20, 08:35 PM)Limestoner Wrote: What if one coaching staff is better at positioning the defence than another? Will that be reflected, or will it penalize (with regard to metrics) players who are better positioned by their coaches?

It seems unlikely that a team is going to be so good at positioning that it will drastically effect an OF rating. It might turn a few 3 star catches into 2 or 2s into 1s but overall it should be minor. It also cuts both ways too. No matter how good the %'s and scouting, sometimes shifting gets burnt. 

The biggest issue is still going to be the same thing that plagues defence now. Opportunity. You can be the best CF is history but if you only get routine fly balls hit to you your ability is not going to show up in the metrics.

MLB really deserves alot of credit for what they are doing here as well. Not only with the tech but hiring guys like Tom Tango and Mike Petriello to make it into something useful and explain it
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