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"Bones" Suspended 1 Year
Although they managed to determine that the source of the failed test was a tainted supplement (that he supposedly received from a teammate), USADA still rung him up for not doing his due diligence to ensure that it wasn't tainted.
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It wasn't a tainted supplement. His argument was that he thought his training partner gave him a Cialis pill but it turns out he actually gave him a different pill loaded with banned substances

And if you believe that a 29 year old peak athlete needed Cialis and took PED's by mistake I have a bridge to sell you. Wink
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Lol, well they did call it a "supplement" in the article - just more specifically a "sexual enhancement supplement".

I believe Jones about as much as I believe Brock had a tainted inhaler anyways and even if I did, this whole "tainted supplement" thing is a weak cop out IMO.

With that said, I have read that if you take ephedrine, you go

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