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Discussing Investments
(2017-02-07, 08:51 AM)Nanuuk Wrote: I am not smart enough to market time so I tend to hold stock long term. I'm just becoming aware of the effect of interest rates on certain stocks, e.g. utilities, but tend to hold onto them as well during a down cycle as they pay dividends and I re-invest them to acquire more shares. At some point my strategy may change to take the dividends in cash to spend in retirement. Then I would be inclined to sell cyclical to capture any capital gains before they fall dramatically. Trouble is my crystal ball doesn't work that well!

Trust me, I definitely won't claim to think that I'm smart enough to time the market either.  

But when I try to look at the economics behind some of the major markets there are a few things that start to paint a darker picture (increased private, corporate, and public debt, consistent requirement of QE, negative interest rates, bailout / bail-in procedures being set into developed countries, etc.).  I could be wrong, but my gut is telling me it's time to start diversifying into ventures that leave me somewhat better protected if a market correction is coming within the next 18 months.

It's probably a more sound portfolio plan anyway (rather than be 'all-in' on North American stocks), so maybe it was just correcting a situation that could be deemed too risk tolerant.
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I will sometimes wait for a dip, but I am unable to time the market. I heve never met anyone who can, and Warren Buffet says he can't time it either.

Lots of people selling 'Get Rich Quick and Easy' courses will tell you a different story. Emphasis on the word Story
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February is over, and the market is still surging.  The Dow is over 21,000 and up 20% since November.

Some updates on the stocks we've been discussing (stats are since the beginning of the year).

TSX - Up 1.6%
DOW - Up 6.3%
Enbridge (CDN) - Down 2.2%
Suncor (CDN) - Down 5.6%
CP - Up 3.04%
Home Depot - Up 10.34%
Amazon - Up 13.21%
Apple - Up 19.98% (wow!)
TD - Up 4.17%
BNS - Up 5.24%
Gold (vs CDN) - Up 5.91%
Bitcoin (vs CDN) - Up 27.4% (wow!)

With the rapid growth in the market, anyone else think they're seeing a bubble?
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(2016-12-30, 12:58 PM)BlueMountain Wrote: Real estate for me.

Almost five years ago I posted about buying up real estate in Hamilton.

Turns out, ( but I'm not sure there was any doubt) it was a very good idea.

I like tangible.

Things I can pee on.

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You couldn't be more right about Hamilton.
I live there and the market is insane now.
My only mistake is I didn't buy more houses.
I had some rental properties but sold them off because of the headache,
I'm wishing I held onto them now.

But my own residence has doubled in value in 8 years.
Tears streaming down my cheeks, just take me to Lansdowne Street...
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Do you see that up-trend continuing for the next several years, or is there a chance the government implements measures (similar to Vancouver) to curb the rise in prices?
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