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EK Talk
(2018-09-28, 07:19 PM)Canuxxx Wrote: Virtanen or Goldy for Ho Sang.


6-2, 220 vs 6 ft 185 and we are smallish enough already
Phill 2:10-11 
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If the Canucks dont make the playoffs next year Benning loses his job.

He has to do something this off season. They wont be playoff team next year with the current roster.

Lose 4 forwards better build the team for 4 lines. If goldy cant crack the 2nd line he shouldn't be on the team.

Lose 2-3 dmen and rebuild the defense from there. Add Hughes find a serviceable veteran. Trade Edler at this deadline for best you can get no matter how good it actually is. Go from there.

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