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Everything WWE Thread
(2016-11-21, 05:07 PM)dmc23 Wrote:
(2016-11-21, 02:27 PM)Canuxxx Wrote:
(2016-11-21, 05:17 AM)Chris D Wrote: Whaaaaaaaaaat?

what the hell was that???

all the hype...and its over in under two minutes?

hell, as bad as their mania match was...that was better than this was!

I actually enjoyed it. I thought it was great. Love the unpredictability. 

Think BIG PICTURE, many options now.

The 49 year old guy who hadn't wrestled in 12 years(and wasn't even good back then) just beat "The Beast Incarnate" a guy who's been murdering people even in defeat since he came back, in less than 2 minutes. That's not "unpredictability" that's idiotic.

I know why it happened(Goldberg was injured and out of shape so he couldn't do anything else), but that doesn't make it less stupid. They decided to jam this dumb match in and that's what they came up with. 

How much of a bitch does Orton look like now? Lesnar annihilated him at SummerSlam. Ambrose? Cena? The freaking Undertaker??? They all got beaten into the ground by Lesnar, but Old Man Goldberg? He squashes Lesnar in about 90 seconds!

Can't look at it that way. WWE = entertainment.

Like i said, think big picture. They have many options now. I think we'll see another Lesnar/Goldberg match. Hell i wouldn't be surprise if we see a Goldberg/Undertaker match.
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Where? Geriatrics?
"Oh mischief, glorious mischief...I do so love it!"
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I'm just glad I didn't waste money on tickets. The entire show drove me nuts. The booking made no sense. Even when I liked the result(i.e. the men's 5 on 5 match) the booking pissed me off.

Kinda wish I'd used the opportunity to get tickets for Takeover that was offered to me after they cancelled the NXT house show I had tickets to though. That show was awesome. Once again NXT embarrassing the "Main" roster by putting on a vastly superior show the night before one of the "Big 4". The tag title match is a MOTY contender.
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oh yeah, DIY v Revival...amazing match!
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Former WWE wrestler Jack Swagger  has signed with Bellator MMA.

Now I know basically nothing about pro wrestling.   Is this guy good athletically?   Or is be just another big prodding heavyweight?

I see that he wrestled in college at least, so he should be more of a fighter than CM Punk
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