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(2017-11-13, 07:37 AM)encore Wrote: Raptors blew a really good chance and the Celtics keep on rolling.

The Raptors were the beneficiaries of of two offensive turnovers for the Celtics in the last 30 seconds and they couldn't erase their 1-point deficit. DeRozan missed a mid-range jumper to win it at the buzzer. Lowry and Miles were both on fire from deep and Ibaka/Jonas did a great job on the pick n pop with Horford, but the Celtics just had too many guys step up when it mattered most. Rozier drew a 4-point play to end the first half when the Raptors were starting to pull away, and then he hit another 3 at the 3rd quarter buzzer when the Raptors had fought back from 8 down. At the end of the day though, this was Brad Stevens out-coaching Dwayne Casey.

Encore was Nogueira remotely useful? My cousin said he's average in his own end but brutal in ball movement during the Raptors attack
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He's a solid defender and a good rim protector, but he's virtually useless in the offensive zone. He's a decent passer, but he doesn't really have any type of offensive game besides easy put backs. When he's paired up with Ibaka, that's a pretty lethal post defending combo. He did a great job on Horford, who I don't believe took a single outside shot. I think he's useful, but I don't think he will get a whole lot better to be honest. Might be a good energy guy.
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3rd in the East right now at 15-7. Boston and Cleveland ahead of them and both have gone on long win streaks which Toronto hasn't yet. Perhaps they are in the midst of one now hopefully. Have won 4 in a row, and should be favoured in most if not all of there next 10 games.

@ Memphis 8-15
@ Sacramento 7-16
@ Clippers 8-14
@ Phoenix 9-17
vs Brooklyn 9-14
vs Sacramento 7-16
@ Charlotte 9-13
@ Philadelphia 13-10
vs Philadelphia 13-10
@ Dallas 7-17
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tied with Cleveland (with a better W%)...1 game behind Boston.

9-1 in their last 10.


only Warriors, Boston, and Houston have been better.
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The Raps are really exceeding expectations this year. Instead of a decline, their new style of play and improvement from their young players has this looking like the best Raptors team ever.

I have to give the organization credit for drafting late and developing some very solid talent.
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