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Former Rams coach Chuck Knox dies at 86, leaves behind rich NFL legacy

I was aware that he was the Rams coach during his glory years (74-78), but really knew him as the Bills and Seahawks (Ground Chuck) guy. His second stint with the Rams was not good.
He brought a few Rams cast-offs with him when he moved over to the Bills which gave them some backbone on defence (Isiah Robertson, Billy Simpson)

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If memory serves me.....The Rams won 7 straight divisional titles under Knox. The Seahawks of the early 80's also a great run under Knox.

His teams were boring on offense with little imagination to them. A good guy.

RIP Ground Chuck
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One of the few games that I remember during the Knox era with the Rams was that rain soaked playoff game in LA against the Vikings. I remember being fascinated by two teams with horns on their helmets going at it. lol
Another article claims Joe Namath was warming up on the sideline late in that game, but Knox stuck with Haden instead.
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