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Fun read on why we'll probably re-sign Duchene and Stone
(6 hours ago)Ryu65 Wrote: A bad contract is considered bad based on it's length not so much how much. 8 or 9 mill a year let's say for 4 years is easy to swallow if the player goes downhill whereas 8 or 9 for seven or eight years is where it gets tough. The playe though knows this and they're gonna want term, so you either take the risk and sign said player or you decide you don't want to sign an over 25 player to a long term contract and move him for future assets and hope for the best.

If we don't re-sign Stone and Duchene, it's going to make it really hard to be competitive again before 5 years as we don't really have enough players right now that can take us to the next level right away.

I'm fine with waiting. Duchene's average per season prior to this year is 0.85 per season, so like 68-70 points. Its fine to pay market value for that, which is like $8 million, but any more then that and we're hoping to get lucky on a deep run as our ability to sign quality defenders is gonna be an issue with El Cheapo. Not the best risk to take when he hasn't shown he can be a point per game elite producer too much in the past.

The trade was a mistake imo, and I don't think Dorion has to necessarily stick to his acquisitions if the cost becomes unreasonable. It's okay to let go and get some assets so we can do a decent rebuild.

Regardless, whatever they do with Duchene and Stone, it'll hopefully give us a better idea of what management is doing. Cuz right now they're clueless given how they traded Karlsson and wanted to rebuild, but chose to do that in a year where we have no 1st rounder. Hard to say they want to make the playoffs cuz they haven't really made any moves to help that goal either lol
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