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Game Thread: Philly at Oilers
(2017-12-07, 09:40 AM)CTS Wrote: It helps to have depth. We haven't had any in years. Last season was injury free

Couldnt agree more.

It's why it continues to be paramount that we hold on to our three centres for dear life as well as our 1st rounders. In a couple of years I think we'll have the depth coming up finally. We are seeing bits of it now compared to the Gagner/Hall/Ebs/Yaks/Nuge years where guys like Nurse, LD, JP and Jelly are afforded more time to develope where in those years that would have been playing top line year one.

The Tambi dumpster fire years set this team back half a decade depth wise

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I see a possible hole in our prospect pipeline as far as NHL readiness next year but, after next year, I see the potential to have a steady stream of both forwards and d-men being NHL ready and competing for roster spots year after year.
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Maksimov, Safin and Benson are all tearing up junior right now.

Samorukov's offence has even spiked from the back-end in Guelph the last few weeks.

I see Benson and Yamamoto being in the AHL next year and all of our pro d-man (Bear, Jones, Mantha) needing another AHL year. Next year we will have an issue filling out the wings, however, after next year, I see a stream of prospects, year after year, ready to compete for NHL jobs.

The re-tool this spring is going to be very beneficial for the future and I'm excited if it comes to that.
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Last night - that's the team. That's as good as we are and as good as we'll be in Connor's last bargain year.

This season is all on PC.

He made 3 big blunders going into this season:

- goaltending depth. Requiring your starter to play every single minute and backing him up with a goaltender the coach doesn't trust is a bad decision. Remember that poster who kept shutting down anyone who said Talbot was getting overplayed last season? His whole basis was that since Talbot had't got injured yet, he was fine and will continue to be fine. I guess he didn't understand the concept of all those minutes one day catching up to Talbot...
PC has had 3 seasons to fix our net, and he's only done so partially. Seeing all the guys he could have had makes it that much more frustrating.

- misjudging depth on the wings. I know it's tough finding enough wingers to play with 3 talented centres and difficult to find anyone to play with someone like McDavid, but trading away Ebs and assuming he'd be adequately replaced by 2 sophomores and rookie is another dumb move.

- thinking we had enough depth to cover for Rej. WTF was he thinking? Every single person knew we had exactly enough talent on the backend to compete on any given night. We don't have enough to weather a lengthy injury or compensate for some growing pains.

Add this to his penchant for getting below value on trades, I am nervous and am starting to doubt us winning the Cup this year.
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How do you not press that defence harder by forechecking with some urgency more often than they did? The RNH goal was a direct result of the forwards doing work down low. This team is so frustrating to watch. That sort of effort is why I am enjoying watching CHL hockey more and more.

Next practice they need to get away from theory and split the squads up and play an intra-squad game where the losers have to pay for the dinners on the road trip. Something to stoke a fire in their bellies as I see very little pride in their play at the moment.
Connor McDavid is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed
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