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Game Thread: Round Game 4: Heel to throat
I also only caught the first period, but glad they pulled this one out, and very glad for Bobby.
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That was a fun game to watch. Andy left me feeling very calm throughout the game he seemed to just have that solid look about him, which he was missing prior to last night IMHO. Bobby effin Ryan. Hope Pyatt is able to play. Only one win required now boys lets go get this!
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nice to see Andy gain some confidence back. He looked a little off early on again, especially when he threw himself way out to make that poke check diving play.

I guess Ryan was saving all his offense for the playoffs. Thankfully he and Brassard are carrying the bulk up front cause Turris and Stone haven't done shit. If those two EVER get going this team could do some serious damage.
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That poke check was crazy risky, guess he saw that Marchand had his head down...
I still get nervous anytime he goes to play the puck or when the other team has it behind the net for a wraparound.

Ryan has some serious confidence and its great to see. I would pay him $7M to play 1 min a game in the regular season if he can keep this going in the playoffs.
And why do the announcers keep mentioning how long his stick is? Is it Spezza's stick long? because it doesn't seem like it.
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Nice to see the Sens with some killer instinct last night. They didn't let up once they went up 1-0. The powerplay did help however. Can't believe they missed the empty net twice though.

Nice to see Bagels and Brass step it up. This is how teams win in the playoffs, secondary scoring.
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