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Gaudreau named to Allstar team.
I thought Backlund deserved to go.
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(from the above link)
"There's a lot of guys from last year there were a lot of fun. We got to win too, in the three-on-three tournament ... I'm really, really looking forward to it. It's just a fun weekend to be a part of."

This was my favourite pic from last year - the 3 John's - Gibson, Gaudreau, and Scott.

[Image: CaF5NlSUYAAU1E0.jpg]
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With Goo's contract negotiations, injury and "off-nights" this year, there are guys definitely more deserving to be there but none of them have the star power the Gaudreau does... besides as we all know he is made for the 3 on 3 format and will razzle and dazzle A LOT more then anyone else.
Maybe it will light a fire under his ass and he can pass that on to Monahan.

Backlund is out because nobody wants to see an All-Star game where players back check and are responsible on all 200 feet of ice.

The All-Star game has been dead to me for over 10 years now. I hope Backlund, Stajan, Engelland, Ferland, Frolik, Hathaway, Bennet, Tkachuk, Johnson and a few others go relax and get some sun on a beach somewhere. Recharge them all for the final push.
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I think, from this list it's obvious that players were picked for name recognition, not current performance -

[Image: C10xqxNWgAAuJo2.jpg:medium]
Mark Lazerus‏ @MarkLazerus
Jonathan Toews said Panarin, Anisimov and Hossa all deserved to be All-Stars ahead of him.

Pacific , winners of the 3 on 3 last year, have a pretty good lineup, soiled by the presence of Kessssler tongue

The 3 on 3 format, along with Scott upstaging Buttman, made the ASG entertaining again. Their goofing around on the skills stuff is worth a laugh as well.
“Don’t mistake our civility for weakness. You do so at your own peril.” - M. Myers
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Mike Smith??? he missed a bunch of games due to injury so he has played the same amount of games as Johnson but only has half the wins. Now I know he plays for Arizona and they are terrible but come on, Johnson stepped in when we were 30th in the league in all the categories you don't want to be 30th in and was able to mix in a couple saves.
Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating for Johnson to be there either. According to the stats it should probably be Talbot, but my vote would be for Budaj stepping up in the absence of Quick.

Don't even get me started about that Rat Kesler.
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They had to nominate someone from Arizona, and Domi is hurt.

And the game being in LA they had to have 2 from the Kings and the Ducks.
“Don’t mistake our civility for weakness. You do so at your own peril.” - M. Myers
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They could have taken Brodie..,. for once, he would actually be making the right play passing to all those guys!!

Oopps, I may still be annoyed about last night!!
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