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General B-ball thread
76ers are red hot right now. They set a franchise record with their 15th straight win.

Golden State just got spanked by the Jazz, 119-79. I haven't followed them at all this season, are they just injury plagued because their defense has been awful on paper at least. Way too many games where they give up 100+ points.
If you need a sign to stay alive tonight, this is it!
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76ers are gonna be a really tough out. If they can win tonight they'll get that 3rd seed, which gives them an easier path to the ECF due to Boston's unfortunate injury news.

I think with GS we are just seeing that ultimately Steph Curry is the most important player on that team. He makes the offense run smoothly, and when you take him out there's far less ball movement and so they become a lot easier to defend.

Really looking forward to the Minnesota-Denver game tonight. It's awesome that the NBA schedule works out in this way that it's a winner moves on and the loser goes home kind of game on the very last day.
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Wolves win, and are in...first trip to the playoffs in 13 years.
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