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Going to first CFL game, have a Q
Heisenberg you make a good point the CFL used to be a place where late developers and "dark horses" who fell through the cracks could work on their game and then move on to the NFL. I thought for sure Bo Mitchell would take a stab at the NFL this year but I guess his services aren't required. I think 15-20 years ago he would have been gone and maybe even ended up a starter like Garcia.
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(2019-08-20, 12:19 PM)cflisthebest Wrote: not every player who plays football in North America is made for the NFL and same for CFL.

that's the point, there are players who are better suited for CFL style rules and game and those who are better suited for NFL.

problem is that every football player thinks he can play NFL style football but that is false.

and then there are some who fans believe that players could come to the CFL and dominate like it was peewee football and that is also false.

sure, there are some who could play in the CFL and be a success but to break all its records and be a master is ridiculous.

many of them just arent built for the CFL and won't make it up here... no matter their skill level, simply because the game is very different.

the percentage of NFL players who are super stars is small.  most players are just typical every day football players.  so many Americans have come to the CFL either thinking it's a shoe in and will not have to compete for a spot or need a place to play and they fail.

either because they dont take it serious enough or they soon learn it is way harder to play than they thought and that is true for many!

the two positions that NFL players seem to have the most success in the CFL is receivers and defensive lineman.  

most QBs who have attempted the CFL have had little success, same with RBs and lineman.

it's not as simple as just stepping onto the field and becoming a star, it takes a lot of work.

Absolutely, there are players that are in the NFL, even plus NFL players, that couldn't make it in the CFL. Of course, as you say, this is generally due to the style of game and nothing to do with athleticism, skill or talent.

I assume you can acknowledge that, on the whole, the NFL has a much higher skill, talent and athleticism degree than the CFL and, with some exceptions, the NFL players, as individuals, are more skilled, athletic an talented than the CFL players.

Can you acknowledge that?

Can you understand that many people want to watch the best of the best in professional sport and that clearly that is the NFL? It doesn't matter that some NFL players can't make it in the CFL - that's due to the structure of the game which, clearly, can allow for less talented, athletic, skilled players to excel over the more skilled, athletic, talented at certain positions and in limited cases.

You like the "CFL game" better - fair enough. Other don't. Doesn't necessarily mean they hate the CFL game. Lots like the CFL game but like the NFL game more. Lots don't like the CFL game at all.

They are not wrong. You are not wrong. Your are night right either, nor are they.

Preference of one league over the other is a matter of personal choice and opinion. Please don't continue to be so arrogant as to call other's personal preferences wrong.
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