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Guys who deserved a Cup but did not get one.
(2019-01-16, 03:19 PM)ckendall Wrote: I sorta agree with the notion that no one player 'deserves' a Cup, but....just thinking about the many great players we've seen that either never even got to play in the Final or came achingly close only to never again get another shot...there's a lot of guys that we would've loved to see win one before their careers ended.

As a Leafs fan...obviously, Mats. Twice got as far as the conference finals( in 2002 fell just 2 wins shy of making it to the Cup Final ), but that was it.  Sad

Jarome within 1 win of getting his name on the Cup in 2004. Never got even that close again after that.

Ryan popular and loved when he played in Edmonton....& was traded from L.A. back to the Oilers prior to the season in which the Kings won their 1st Cup.

Mike Gartner....prolific goal scorer for 19 seasons( 14 consecutive seasons of 30+ goals )but never played in the Final. In fact...he was traded from the Rangers to Toronto for Glenn Anderson 2 months before the Rangers ended their 54-year drought in 1994.

And while we're on the subject of mostly former players....we might soon have to include one Henrik Lundqvist on this list someday. King Henrik's best chance at winning that elusive Cup might've already come and gone in Rangerstown.....

  I agree that Gartner was amazing, and probably the title for most underrated player. At 43 y.o. he was still the fastest skater in the NHL. Maybe the fastest ever. Didn't miss many games, either
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