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HOF Class 2017
Vizquel is the one who interests me the most. He seems to have a lot of support, but he really was one dimensional. Even with his defense he only had 1 season with a fWAR of higher than 3.5 and 2 seasons of bWAR. Career high OPS+ of 111 and only 1 other year over 100(which is league average).
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(2017-01-20, 04:32 PM)ZappaScores Wrote:
(2017-01-20, 01:01 PM)shadylane Wrote: Johnny Damon will be an interesting case of how much value the voters place on longevity. Aside from leading the league in SB one season he never did anything to separate himself from his peers. But his career WAR is up next to Kirby Puckett's having had almost 11,000 plate appearances.

I don't think he has much of a chance of getting in but I'll be curious to see the % of votes he gets.

shady, don't mean to sidetrack the conversation, but the way you described Damon, could be used to describe Sundin. I know the baseball HOF has higher standards than the HHOF, I just wish hockey endeavoured to reach the same standard.

I'd be interested to read a comparison between Hall of Fames of both sports. They might be more similar than you think, but I could be wrong.

Sundin is 27th all-time in career points. By comparison, Ernie Banks, universally regarded as deserving of his 1st ballot induction in 1977, is only the 100th best position player in terms of fWAR.

I dunno.. I get the desire to maintain a certain level of production or requirements. But I think being too selective defeats the purpose of having a Hall of Fame. It's a museum and time capsule and including the "good but not great" players has some merit too.
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