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Here Comes The Money!
Big news at Raw last night!!!

Can't believe he's back for Wrestlemania.

Love Shane O Mac!
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Kinda cool to see him.back....Crowd reaction was great....

But him v taker in hell in a cell? Come on! Ridiculous. It's not like Shane is a 25 year old bump machine anymore.

Waste of his time...and waste of takers.
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I wonder how that match will be lol. Hell in a cell? With a grey-haired Shane O Mac and a way-past-his-prime Undertaker?
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Undertakers shape isn't what worries me...he has at least kept working out...and even if its only 2 matches in a year, he has at least done SOMETHING in the last decade.

Shane was great at taking bumps....but like I said, it was when he was 25!!...he has been away from the business for a long time...hasn't taken a bump in the ring for longer...and very obviously does not hit the gym like his dad does.

the story in the match will be Shane getting his ass whupped, but not quitting...may even be blood (which is rare in WWE these days)..but even if they tell a good story..its going to be bowling shoe ugly, and a waste of everyones time. The only way Taker doesn't win, is if Taker allows Shane to win so in storyline they pull one over on Vince.
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I think Shane looked to be in pretty good shape.
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