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Is there any sport more boring than F1?
I find racing of all types very good and not boring at all. Imagine you are driving over 200 mph and you need to make a split second decision or you crash possibly, unlikely to kill yourself of another driver. Auto racing whether F-1 or other like NASCAR is a good sport and oh baby the action is unreal.

You want boring sports well how about, tennis, golf, volleyball, CFL. Now those IMO are boring!
After all life goes on!!!
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Speaking of that Caper, Bryan Clauson, one of the best sprint car drivers on the planet, died Sunday after a crash during a race Saturday night.

Only 27.

Didn't have a great resume on the NASCAR circuit, did win an Xfinity pole once, but driving Sprint cars, few had been better lately. 27 wins in 116 races so far this season. Was trying to compete in 200 open wheel races this year. Actually was in the Indy 500 this year as well and led a few laps that day.
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