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Jakob Trouba Whats He worth?
So I been hearing that Trouba is looking for at least 6 mil per season on a long term deal. I know he's a good Defense man who has all the potential to become a number one D man but 6 million seems high. My biggest comparison for Trouba is Morgan Rielly who has better offense number and just sign a contract at 5 mil per season for 6 years.

Also there are rumours swirling that the Bruins make make a offer sheet on Trouba for over 7 mil per season on a 7 year deal. If the Bruins did that and the Jets didn't match they would get the Bruins next 4 first round picks.
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Seth Jones just got 5.4 x 6 from Columbus.  Can't see Trouba getting more than that.
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That should be a good deal for Columbus. Now, Seth has to get it going this year.

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I heard he wants 7 plus per yr. I think 5.5 should be more what he is looking at
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4.5 but will get 5.5
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