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Jays prospects
Vlad has such a huge impact on the Jays’ rankings.

If you remove him and his Fangraphs dollar value, the Jays fall from 5th to 12th on that list. That’s from a $/WAR perspective, but I’d be willing to bet other outlets like BA, MLB Pipeline, etc. might drop them that far from a pure scouting standpoint too.

My sense is that the Jays have a lot of low level, high variance prospects after the small cluster up top (Vlad, Bo, Jansen). And the guys who are closer to the majors (Biggio, Alford, McGuire, Davis, Wall, Tellez) are trending to be just average regulars, if that.

Maybe they can consolidate some of their depth and add guys with more upside via trade. Because once Vlad graduates off prospect lists, the Jays might be hard pressed to remain in the top 10.

It’ll be interesting to see which of their recent draft picks & International signings they’ve truly hit on. But many of the more interesting prospects will remain untested at the AA/AAA levels next season anyway. I expect a big dip* in their system’s ranking unless some surprises emerge.

* A big dip isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if they have a competitive major league club
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(2018-11-15, 11:21 AM)Chris D Wrote: after the 2015 dismantling, that the Jays are as high as they are is kind of impressive actually.

As shady alluded to its a bit misleading though. Vlad makes up nearly 40% of that value.

Looking at That chart the Jays hesitancy to go full blown rebuild makes alot of sense. They simply dont have to horses to do it. They would need another two or three years (barring some Mookie Betts style breakout from a lesser prospect) before the had the assests.
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(2018-11-15, 11:03 AM)RyeRocks Wrote: SD has a pretty impressive system right now too.. wow

Yeah but it's SD so they will **** it up lol.

Probablt trade it all for Some magic beans. Or Eric Hosmer, again.
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I fully expect Preller to make a questionable free agent signing again this year. Like McCutchen on a 4 year deal or something.

The problem in San Diego is that it's totally up in the air if they actually have a young core of players even that good. Margot, Franmil, Franchy, Hedges, Mejia, etc. are capable but maybe nothing special. And my god, that rotation is not even close to being playoff caliber. Urias and Tatis need to be studs for them to be competitive in the short-term. And, maybe they are. Just seems like they've anticipated a window opening well before the talent has actually materialized.
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Griffin Conine suspended 50 games

he's not putting on the usual spin of "I didn't know". Just accepting it, and hoping to move on.

16th ranked prospect in the organization, but still not close to the bigs.
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Pretty sure the Jays still hold the record for most players in one organization to have PED suspensions. Not exactly the type of feat to be proud of.
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Baseball America released it's 2019 Top 100 prospects list this morning. 7 Jays made it.

1st - Vladdy Jr.
8th - Bo Bichette
42nd - Danny Jansen
70th - Nate Pearson
84th - Eric Pardinho
89th - Jordan Groshans
91st - Kevin Smith
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mlb.coms prospect list, drops Bichette to 11th.

Vlad #1 obviously
11- Bichette
65- Danny Jansen
90- Pearson

that's it for the top 100.

now...not sure when that list was last updated...still says 2018 on it

any rate...BA with a better outlook, than
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MLB Prospectus released there Top 101 yesterday as well

1. Vladdy Jr.
12. Bo Bichette
54. Nate Pearson
89. Danny Jansen
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