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Jays v mets
Jays were leading 2-1..

until Jaime Garcia crapped the bed in the 4th...unable to get the bottom of the order out...Mets score 4 in the inning (and still going)

Syndergaard has 2 RBIs tonight.

5-2 Mets at the moment.
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6-2 now...

Jays finally get out of the inning...but all 6 runs are charged to Garcia.

Jays starting pitching woes continue
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game getting out of hand...
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infield hit...9-2...

way past "out of hand"
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12-2 final
Jays fall to .500
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A couple of big series against the A's and LAA coming up.....4 vs Oakland.....3 vs LAA

They way they're playing lately, they could easily find themselves in a big hole for that 2nd WC spot......
If they lose anymore ground, I can't see them going a big streak to get back in it, so I think they would have to keep pace at this point

The injuries don't help, but the starters have to pick it up....
Gotta start playing winning baseball....
A win against the Mets today would be a nice way to start.....Happ on the mound today may help... Happy
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tables turned today. 12-1 win for the Jays.
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