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Jets unveil hertiage classic jersey
Gorgeous.  Gonna have to get me one

[Image: JK1_5453_slide.jpg]
"Give 100% every night.  110% is impossible only idiots recommend that"

Ron Swanson
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Need to bring back this logo toss an old timer like me a bone.

If nothing else it should be their 3rd jersey.
The lonesome foghorn blows.

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Looks great!
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Fun fact, during the photo shoot, a list was provided to security and staff that only 8 people were allowed in a closed off, and blocked windowed rink/dressing room. Nigel Dawes was training a the facility when he was trying to peek. Security had to tell him if he did it again, he'd get tossed from the building.
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Isn't that just the old jersey?
"Stand up for yourself young fellow. Nobody else is going to do it for you" 
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(2016-08-22, 04:44 PM)Viable Wrote: Isn't that just the old jersey?

Yes, the one from 73-79.
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