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Jimmy Snuka dead
been in a lot of trouble of late, charged with murdering his girlfriend years back, but former wrestler Jimmy Snuka died at the age of 73.

He was a big time star when I first started watching wrestling in the early-mid 80s.

not sure if WWE will even mention the passing, due to all his issues.
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Remember seeing all the highlights of his past fights. Didn't hear about the legal issues till recently.
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"Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka Unfit to Stand Trial for Murder; Ruled Mentally Incompetent" - June 2016
Early onset of dementia, apparently...but the murder took place in 1983!

Too bad Tamina doesn't have a fraction of her dad's charisma...!

RIP Superfly Sad
Why is common sense not so common?
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He was part of a class action suit against McMahon and his organization, so it wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't rate a mention.

Related to The Rock by marriage. The Rock mentioned him on Kimmel when he was going over his family's wrestling history.
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Even though I don't like fake wrestling anymore, I loved it when I was a kid.  I still have the Superfly Snuka rubber wrestling figure.

Sounds like he had a pretty messed up life.  1 of the coolest nicknames ever!

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