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(2018-07-28, 03:25 AM)T.V. Wrote:
(2018-07-27, 09:48 PM)OilWings Wrote:

It is an actual do-able deal...

A supposed tweener only scored 12 less points than Wood did last year, with only 6 less goals, & only has 11pts less than a player who is 1yr older& has played a few more games over the past 2 seasons.

His $$$ ask is not going to be demoralizing to the Oilers Cap, they won't need to trade a Kassian just to get him. There are MANY more options & paths that the POHO could take to make a deal like this happen without taking a roster player off of the Hockey Club. 

Not to mention, that the Oilers need Kass to have a good year this season, & they definitely require his size, his craziness, & his speed in their bottom 6 line-up. 

There are other ways to get a deal like this done... Let's see what his ask actually is 1st.

#ButWhatIsHisGoalShare  Grin

Guy can skate for sure , apparent ask is 2.75 which if true does not seem out of line for a 19 goal scorer with 16 at 5 on 5.    But that was just mentioned to me and not sure if that is the ask.
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That contract request does seem reasonable but its affordable by the Oilers without moving out $2M hence why I think Kassian would be a likely candidate as part of the deal going the other way (Kassian and Lagesson or a mid-pick or something along those lines). If they would even want Kassian, I'm not sure what their team needs are right now.
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