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Kudos to the Liverpool Fans
i think we might be all a little wary of getting ahead of ourselves. Firstly because we have been in this spot before and better teams have forged ahead of us to take it. In 2009, United's team was very good, and fully deserved the win. In 2014, that City team put on an amazing unbeaten run that included 7 straight wins to finish the season, and take the pot.

The narrative has been that Liverpool bottled it those seasons, but the stats don't bear that out, in both seasons the average points pergame in the last ten games was higher than the average for the season, but United and City just blew everyone away to win it.

I don't think Liverpool will bottle it this season, but I know what City are capable of, so we could have an amazing second half to the season and still not win it.

As for the football, it might sound churlish, but I actually enjoyed the style last season a bit more than this, but obviously I prefer the results this year!
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