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Less than a month to go..?
(2018-11-14, 08:57 AM)Bo Dangles Wrote: If I was Dubas, I would put two offers on the table, right now, today:

One at 4 x 5M...which literally walks him right into UFA status at 26 years of age. That's a huge concession to give up, and you're basically accepting that you only have Nylander for the next 3.5yrs (dealing him as a rental in his last year) but at the same time, that also allows the Leafs to keep Nylander in the fold for their most realistic Cup window, at a good cap hit. That's a very high number for a bridge deal, and if Nylander's as good as he thinks he is, he will cash in BIG time as a 26 year old UFA.

One at 8 x 7M which admittedly is too much for what he brings right now, but you're banking on the cap going up and him improving (both of which are reasonable bets to place). You're basically giving him the most favourable player comparison possible (Pastrnak) and adjusting for inflation. It's the max amount that even the staunchest Nylander supporters would suggest that he's worth. For the Leafs? It buys 4 years of UFA and locks in cost certainty for one of their top players through all of his prime years.

Here's the other thing, though. In 24 hours, I'm going public with those numbers. Enough of the "what are the Leafs offering vs what is Willy demanding"...enough of the guessing, it is, in black and white, our last/best offer. Judge as you wish, but I would be willing to bet that the entire league...players, management, owners, even agents would side with the Leafs in terms of those deals being player-friendly for Nylander. To me, making those figures public really puts the pressure on Nylander's camp. Sign one of the two, or basically announce to the hockey world that you're unwilling to sign probably the best two deals any team would give you at this stage of your career.

You run the risk of hurting his trade value by exposing him as a greedy player with an inflated sense of self-worth...but that's going to come out in the wash anyway in the event that you have to deal him.

I'm down with both of these contract and term suggestions. I would not go public with it though. If the goal here is to get a deal done, the quieter it is, the better IMO. Even if "one side" is currently off base as far as the numbers go, I think it is important to respect the integrity of the process. Not only in this particular situation, but moving forward. That being said, I completely understand and share your frustration.
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I agree it's a bad's a nuclear option...but politely dragging this out until Dec 1st is a bad idea too.

Anything that gets us out of this "both sides are communicating" narrative that we've been hearing since the summer.
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I must say, I'm surprised that the numbers haven't accidentally been "leaked" yet.  Wink
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Free Willy already

[Image: 44536547_10156899862757652_2585686048675...e=5C44EBF8]

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Lol...thats my new avatar.
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1. Hilarious scene as the media waited outside NHL offices in Toronto on Tuesday for the GMs to emerge from their meeting. Lost count of how many people walked by asking, “Did something happen with Nylander?”

I know those of you outside Leafs Nation are sick of hearing about it, but here, it’s all we get. As we get closer to the Dec. 1 signing deadline for 2018–19, another executive said we’re going to learn if both Kyle Dubas and Willam Nylander believe in the “no deal instead of bad deal” philosophy. There’s no doubt opposing GMs are going to try to use the deadline to pressure Dubas. If Toronto can’t sign him — which remains the Maple Leafs’ true preference — there is always the pressure of, “Well, we’ve got to get something instead of having him just sit.”

Dubas does not believe in conventional wisdom, which is important to remember. There are also interested teams claiming they can’t fit Nylander under their cap for 2018–19, a shot across the bow of the player. This is the time where everyone talks tough. Eventually reality sets in. We’re getting closer to understanding everyone’s true goals, and what they are really willing to accept.
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It's really in the best interest of most teams that the Leafs stand their ground on this. We live in a world of comparables. Sometimes the bar gets set high with a Draisatl. Sometimes the bar needs to be set low with a Nylander.
"These things have a way of working themselves out. I'm gonna let the liquor do the thinking."
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(2018-11-15, 11:03 AM)colonel mustard Wrote: It's really in the best interest of most teams that the Leafs stand their ground on this.  We live in a world of comparables.  Sometimes the bar gets set high with a Draisatl.  Sometimes the bar needs to be set low with a Nylander.

Doesn't even need to be set low. Just has to be set at reasonable.
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