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MMA thread
(2019-01-10, 02:51 PM)Nuclearsun Wrote: Looks like it will be Woodley vs Usman. zzzzzzz.

I was suprised to hear Jimmy Smith was not renewed as a commentator. I really like him on the brodcast but it seems with the ESPN deal they will use current/ex fighters instead of Smith.

Was hoping for Covington. Mostly because they would sell the fight
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UFC 235 has just an insane card. I don't remember a card as stacked as that!

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Jon Jones vs. Anthony Smith?? Jones can't bitch & complain about DC being ranked ahead of him in P4P rankings when he's taking easy fights against Anthony Smith! A gatekeeper who couldn't hack it at MW

Jones should be taking the toughest fights out there because he could piss not again on any given day. Time is not on his side
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