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Maple Leafs 2017 Off Season Thread
Interesting article below that shows the Ducks and Preds were mostly built from drafting and trading, not a lot of FAs here that are key pieces on either team. Something to keep in mind - developing prospects seems to be the way to success in this league.
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Crazy to think that cap issues aside, Nashville's blueline could be (if they'd kept who they drafted):

Suter Weber
Josi Ellis
Ekholm Jones
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Per Elliot Friedmen's 30 thoughts

The speculation is wild in Toronto, especially since Lamoriello and Mike Babcock went to Nashville to see these teams in-person. I cannot imagine the Maple Leafs wanting to trade Connor Brown. He has turned into a terrific player. But you know who else loves him? Dave Nonis. Nonis swore Brown would make it, and he was right. Where does Nonis work now?
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I don't like the thought of trading brown but if helps improve our backend I would be ok with it
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If Brown was the central piece in a deal for one of Anaheim's dmen, then I think you have to consider that. I really like Brown, but it's all about asset management, and if you can deal from a position of strength to improve a position of weakness then I think you need to explore that option.
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On one hand, with the type of depth we have on the wings, I would think that we could substitute Brown for someone else no problem.

At the same time though, Brown is more proven than most of the others we could substitute, and could get better value as a result. He's a 20 goal scoring rookie that arguably was only our 5th best rookie last year.

If we did have to deal him to get a top 4 defender from the Ducks, there's no shortage of options to replace him with
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Bracco had a hell of a mem cup tournament. How much do you thing this has boosted his stock trade wise. I wonder if he could be a big chip to help upgrade our defense.
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