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March Madness Thread
Kansas down big early to Villanova
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Should be a good finals tomorrow between Michigan and Villanova
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Still like Villanova to win the whole dance, although Michigan will be a stiff test.

Should be a terrific championship finale on Monday
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Didn't get a chance to watch the final last night, sounds like it was a snoozefest anyways.

Congrats to Villanova and Jay Wright. 2 titles in 3 years. 136 wins over the last 4 years for the seniors, most in NCAA during that time. Wright is just the 2nd coach to post 4 consecutive 30 win seasons in Div 1 as well.
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Villanova looked like the best team in the tournament since round 1. Congrats to them on a well deserved title.

I always love this time of the year for sports... March Madness and then we get the NHL and NBA playoffs.
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