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McGregor vs Alvarez to headline MSG card
I hope he fights Ferguson or Aldo next. I am not really interested, nor would the UFC I assume, in watching him get hugged by Khabib for 5 rounds. Not only that, but Khabib's style could allow him reign for a long time as champ just somethering guys. Also with Khabib's injury history, does the UFC want to constantly be having interim champions and unification fights while Khabib recovers from his inevitable injuries.

If I was a match maker and the UFC was going to allow McGregor to hold both belts, I would now put him up against Aldo, match Khabib and Ferguson, and hope Ferguson wins to put the brakes on Khabib becoming a champion.
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Aldo? lol, if the guy can be healthy, sure. But that isn't likely.

Ferguson v Khabib winner gets McGregor.
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I don't think they will put Khabib and Ferguson against each other and McGregor sits and waits. I think the only way they possibly fight is if McGregor drops down to FW to defend his belt, which has to be against Aldo who is interim champ.

The other possibility would be a Diaz vs McGregor fight for the LW title as that would probably be the biggest money maker. Diaz is not the top contender and it would definitely piss off the LW division, but WME-IMG are looking to recoup a lot of money after purchasing the UFC so they will probably ride the McGregor money train before it arrives in station.
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