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Merry Christmas
(2017-01-04, 09:36 AM)Busby Wrote: The problem, Arsenal, is that it's a slippery slope.  If you start reviewing those calls (balls out of touch, are you kidding?) then you have to review everything.  

I think the fact that money is involved, and the FA is essentially a betting organization, the use of video reply to judge play calls is exactly the reason they won't do this type of thing.

Its clear they're looking at these calls and judging how they've affected a match.  Ibra's offside goal was nothing.  Same with Henrik's vs Sunderland.  The red cards, I will agree could be reviewed, but I think you would have a VERY hard time seeing those overturned during match play.  

Nearly %50 of red cards are for dangerous play.  I don't think anyone wants to go back to the days where players are getting heavily injured.  The game is better, and the players are safer.

In a sport getting more and more heavily influenced by gaming, I would suggest there's danger in having one guy on the park making game changing decisions.  Replay reviews are coming.

It's not about how calls are affecting matches.  It's about how calls are affecting money.
Will also respond to new RAW name AFKAA (artist formerly known as Arsenal)
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Matches and money are the same thing.

What I'm saying is the same argument as before, back starting in 2006...they will never allow the flow of the game to be disrupted for review of calls. Just like baseball and NFL, the game would be worse off. Interestingly enough, the ref are worse because of video replay.

If we're making changes to a game...remove 45 slo mo replays. Just have the refs angle shown, in real time as a reply, and call it a day.
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They just had something around video reviews in the Club World Cup didn't they?
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Yeah they did. In fact, they used it to award a missed penalty. What's funny, if I recall correctly, is that the video review used to call a penalty also showed an offside, which they didn't call (the team awarded the penalty was offside).

This isn't going to be the magic bullet people think it is. There will still be missed, or incorrectly interpreted calls...but they're trying it.

Lets all look forward to 4 hour football matches with "coca-cola video reviews"

On another note, I'm not sure if any of you noticed the refs call Harry Kane offside in the game yesterday. The problem was, he was offside on a throw in. Can you believe it?! What's more interesting is the lead up to the throw the ref has a word with Danny Rose, who had looked to foul Moses (I think it was) on a clearance. This went uncalled and the clearance went out for a Spurs throw. So the initial thought is the offside on the throw in was a make up call. I don't have video of this, but watching in real time it was very odd (because for those of you who don't know...or maybe are reading this without being a contributor - You can't be offside on a throw in).

As this relates to video review - what happens in the above case? Lets say they implement a rule, similar to the NFL where teams get a set number of "challenges". So Pochettino throws his "challenge rubber dildo" onto the field indicating his displeasure with the call of offside on the throw in. What happens next? Spurs get to redo the throw? Or perhaps they get to have a penalty because Kane was in the 18 yard box when the incorrect call was made?

This is all stickier and dirtier and a whores vagina during the world cup.
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