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Mike"The Non drafter and non Developer" on TSN radio coming up
(2018-10-11, 07:02 PM)C_Squared Wrote: The question I would have posed...

Were there any GMs in the league, or teams, that would not deal with you due to dislike?

  In business, you are often negotiating with guys you don't like. So that is my answer.. take it for what it's worth, and you get what you paid for
Phill 2:10-11 
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(2018-10-10, 08:13 PM)topgun Wrote:
(2018-10-10, 08:01 PM)arnoldlayne Wrote: You dont think webber would have pushed us over the top. We would have had a cup

This was in 2012. Who do you think we'd need to trade in order to fit Weber in under cap at that time who did not have a NTC or a NMC? 

Also keep in mind that Nashville would still be able to match the contract to retain Weber, which they did once he got the offer sheet.

How ugly does that contract look now?

  Nahh. If we had had Weber, he would have busted his arm after game 1 of the SCF... and it would happen during an optional skate
Phill 2:10-11 
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