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More delays for Lebreton?
(2019-02-26, 04:06 PM)FashionPolice Wrote: Tick tock... My bet is nothing gets done, which I am quite used to, considering Melnyk is involved in this.

Deadline is in 2 days.

And it just doesn't look good.
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If it doesn't look good, that's not the worst thing. In fact, it might just be needed to get Melnyk outta here. So it's probably a good thing if it falls apart.

Best scenario is that the other bid team has saved the day and will build the arena in exchange for an equity stake in the team; over time they would push Melnyk out. I say it's the best because it does provide some assurance that the team is on some sort of a path in terms of leaving Kanata and getting better ownership. And it would dovetail very nicely with the rebuild

Next best scenario might be it falls apart. Melnyk loses total credibility in the City, if he hasn't already, and the NHL will be forced to step in and find a buyer to get the Sens in a downtown rink. Melnyk would be gone for good, but there would be a lot of uncertainty for at least another year.

The worst scenario is that he has made a deal with Ruddy without the other group. Melnyk stays and therefore everyone remains extremely cautious about the entire organization and its future. In other words, our stay in purgatory just gets extended.
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Mediation has failed.

Scenario #2. A long protracted court battle which I cannot see Melnyk winning. Hopefully this will force the league's hand, and make them find a buyer or accept the rumoured bids of $400M.
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I am actually not disappointed with this.

Hopefully this is a death blow to Melnyk.

Restarting the process all together seems to be an option now. Which puts things back like 3 years.

Thanks Eugene. Now F off to Barbados for good and never show your face in this city again.
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Now would be the perfect time to have a new owner. They wouldn't have to spend right away and can see the team grow. Plus it lets Dorion have a bit more freedom to make moves (even though i don't want him making anymore hockey trades, just acquire assets and draft)
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Between melnyck and NCC I am SOOOO shocked nothing got done.

I hope that will expedite Eugene's path to bankruptcy.
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Bettman at GM's meeting:
"Bettman also addressed the Ottawa Senators, who are trying to build a downtown arena to replace the Canadian Tire Centre on the outskirts of the city. Plans for the Senators to be part of a development of a state-of-the-art arena and entertainment complex in the LeBreton Flats area of the city fell through last week. 
Owner Eugene Melnyk said in a statement that he remains committed to finding a new location for a new arena.
"We are here for the long term and want a world class venue where Ottawans will live, work, play and enjoy the best the city has to offer," Melnyk said. "The people of Ottawa deserve this."
The Senators traded forwards Mark StoneMatt Duchene and Ryan Dzingel, their top three scorers, before the 2019 NHL Trade Deadline on Feb. 25, pushing deeper into a rebuild that Melnyk said could last through the 2020-21 season.
"Teams go through ebbs and flows both on the ice and with their fanbases," said Commissioner Bettman, who said the League would be involved in future arena plans in Ottawa if asked. "Eugene Melnyk is doing what is expected of him as an owner in terms of meeting the team's obligations, and management and ownership for any franchise at any given time might think it's time for a rebuild, and that's what has to be done. Teams go through cycles."
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